Bark Blower

The Bark Blower

Designed and manufactured by Material Innovations

Our product is set apart from the competition because there is no high maintenance and expensive “Air Lock” design. Material is moved by a large blower fan that conveys large volume of shredded bark mulch through a 4in diameter hose. Our unique body design also allows for versatility use, it can be mounted at the back end of a dump truck or can be easily maneuvered around the job site by a skid steer. The 1.5 cubic yard hopper is even easier to load with the optional “Tailgate Dump Kit”.

Power: Briggs & Stratton 35 HP air cooled engine with electric start

Blower: 30” diameter blower fan

Hopper Size: 1.5 cubic yard

Discharge: 4” diameter hose

Discharge Rate: 10 cubic yards per hour

Acceptable Material: Single, double, and triple shredded bark mulch

Options: Tail lighting kit, dump truck feed chute to allow feeding the Bark Blower by raising the dump body, hoses and filter sock ends