BBM 200

Big Bale Mulcher 200

Our most productive and efficient Big Bale Mulcher

The BBM 200 is our largest and most productive mulcher we manufacture. This machine only requires a two man crew and can discharge straw 100 feet in still air at a rate of 30 tons per hour.

Stored Bale Capacity: up to 7,200 pounds.

Deck can be loaded with 3×3, 3×4, and 4×4 bales.

Round bales are an option but productivity is reduced

View videos of the BBM 200 in operation:
Drone Video | Canaday Video

Machine Specifications:

Engine: Caterpillar C7.1 Acert 202hp Tier 4 Diesel Engine with 11” double disc PTO clutch

Engine Control: Electronic control with self-diagnostics. Automatic shutdown for low oil pressure or high water temperature.

Fuel & Battery: Two truck batteries are used and a saddle tank for off road fuel is needed.

Blower: 44” diameter, single plane dynamically balanced, eight blade fan rotating at 2000 rpm that produces an initial wind speed of 260 mph.

Range: Up to 100 feet in still air

Conveyor Feed: 8’5” wide by 17’ long hydraulically powered conveyor bed that moves at 0 to 3 feet per minute.

Beater Bar: Two 8’ by 24” pipes that are dual plane dynamically balanced. Each bar is driven by two hydraulic motors at 200 rpm.

Discharge Chute: Mounted on a ball bearing with 220 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of hydraulically driven vertical travel.

Frame: Heavy duty 8” channel welded to a 4”x5” box tubing bumper.

Bumper: Equipped with a 30 ton pintle hitch, stop, turn, and tail lights, and all necessary hardware to tow a trailer.

Operator Station: Adjustable padded seat with seat belt mounted on discharge chute. Controls include: beater bar, conveyor bed, PTO clutch, engine rpm, engine emergency shutdown, beater bar jam indicator light, and horn.

Operator Safety: Emergency shutdown button and all controls are within easy operator reach. All spinning objects are properly shielded.

Drives: Blower fan is belt driven. Conveyor bed, beater bars, and engine cooling fan are all hydraulically driven.

Weight: 11,000 lbs

Length: 24’

Width: 8’5”

Height: 11’

Truck Specifications:

GVWR: Minimum 39,000 lbs

Cab to EOF: 19’6”

Cab to Trunnion: 13’ to 14’ for tandem trucks